Meet The Annex trees

The Annex is one of Toronto’s most well-treed neighbourhoods, and we want to protect our beautiful urban forest!

TreesPlease is a project of the Annex Residents’ Association that began in 2009. Over a period of four summers, all the trees in the Annex over 5 cm in diameter were assessed using the Neighbourwoods© protocol. Teams of forestry students and numerous volunteers logged more than 10,000 trees in the TreesPlease inventory of Annex trees.

Now in 2021 we are embarking on yet another comprehensive assessment of our urban forest. This initiative is particularly important because it will give us a measure of what has happened to the tree canopy in the Annex during the past ten years. But we need community members to help make this happen:

First: Just over three-quarters of the trees growing in the Annex are on private property, so we are relying on cooperation from our neighbours to undertake this audit. We need you to allow us to access your back yards. Trust us, we won't be intrusive and we'll be swift in taking measurements!

Second: Grant money has already been obtained as seed money for this initiative. That said, we are relying on community members to support this project financially and allow the hiring of professionals to supervise the collection and analysis of data.  

2010 Annex Tree Audit

Keeping Trees Healthy

The Best Trees to Plant 

Get a Free Tree from the City of Toronto

The City of Toronto’s Urban Forestry Department will plant a tree free of charge on city-owned land in front of any residential, commercial, and industrial property. To order your FREE tree for your front yard click here for information about the Street Tree Planting program.

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