Development Documents

On this page you will find official project position statements that have been produced by the Planning and Development Committee and approved for publication by the ARA Board. Please note that these are fluid documents that will change as developments go through the various stages of application, approval, site plan control, and construction. Consequently, it is important to note the date of the position statement to understand the context of its remarks.

Also on this page are documents such as the PowerPoint slide presentations associated with key community meetings regarding specific proposed developments.

64 Prince Arthur: Statement Jan 8 2024

320, 328, & 332 Bloor St W: Statement Jun 25 2023

374 Dupont Ave: Statement Dec 23 2021

110-116 Avenue Rd: Statement Dec 08 2021 

145 St. George St: Townhall Slides Oct 6 2021

145 St. George St: Statement Sep 10 2021

1109 Bathurst St: Statement Sep 06 2021