Committee of Adjustment

At any one moment in time there are literally dozens of applications in the Annex to the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) seeking approval for minor variances to bylaws. The City is obliged to inform homeowners within a particular radius of an application site, but that doesn't mean that others in the community aren't invested in or affected by the outcome of a committee decision. 

Current CofA Applications

That's why residents might want to keep an eye on the City's open source website that maps all current applications. Just type the address of interest into the search box, and the computer will zero right in. Green dots indicate active applications. Clicking on them yields a pop up box of information about the site address and summary nature of the application plus a second link to the full details. 

A Guide to the CofA

Navigating the CofA process can be complex and time consuming. That's why PARA -- The Palmerston Area Residents' Association -- has taken pains to produce a comprehensive guide that "shares best practices to help PARA residents respond to notices of proposed changes to properties." 

The ARA's Planning and Development Committee is grateful to PARA for allowing us to post the guide here on our website. The specific references may be to PARA, but the material is equally applicable to us in the Annex. It goes a long way to achieving its stated goal of equipping ordinary residents to make their views known to the CofA in an effective and fair-minded way.