Results of the 2010 Tree Survey

Species Diversity

There are about 80 species of trees found in the Annex. These include both native and non-native varieties. As of the 

Maples make up the largest tree species group found in the Annex, about 30% of all of our trees. These include Amur, black, Freeman, Japanese, Manitoba, Norway, red, silver, sugar, and sycamore maples. However, the most numerous type of maple growing in the Annex is the Norway maple. Not only are they non-native and invasive, but they also crowd out native and local species, such as the sugar maple. There are 1084 Norway maples in in the Annex; they make up 42% of all the maples in our neighbourhood.

Cool Facts About Our Trees

  • We are home to one of the oldest trees in Toronto! A 23-metre tall bur oak off Spadina Road is estimated to be about 350 to 400 years old.
  • We have 1015 fruit trees in our neighbourhood. That’s thousands of kilos of fruit produced each growing season.
  • There are only eight hickory trees in the Annex.
  • According to the City of Toronto, the city’s entire urban forest has an estimated value of $7.1 billion.