Community Builder Awards

The Annex has a well-deserved reputation as the ideal place in which to live, work, raise children, shop or simply go for a walk. This can be attributed in part to the countless individuals who work quietly behind the scenes to sustain and nurture our community. And that is why in 2017 the ARA Board resolved to present an annual Community Builder of the Year Award to an Annex resident who has made a significant contribution to improving our neighbourhood.

Annexonians are invited to send nominations for this award to [email protected] at any time of year. Please include your name and contact information in your message as well as that for your nominee. Also, please provide a brief description as to why you believe this nominee deserves the award. (Note: Current ARA Board Members are not eligible.)

Recipients will be announced annually at the ARA AGM typically held in late April.

Past Recipients

2022 Community Builders of the Year Award

Presented to Edward Leman for the countless hours he selflessly dedicated to the responsible development of the Annex, openly welcoming all voices and generously sharing his deep knowledge. 

Presented to The Avenue Road Food Bank, its staff and volunteers, for their unceasing passion, dedication, and hard work to nurture with dignity those in our community who are battling food insecurity. 

2020 Community Builder of the Year Award

Presented to Helen Goldlist for having co-founded the Bloor-Borden Farmers’ Market in 2008 and worked over the intervening years to establish it as a vital and much-loved community resource.

2019 Community Builder of the Year Award

Presented to Neil Jain for his determination in exhorting the City to take action on the deteriorating condition of the properties at 6 – 8 Walmer. Neil’s parents accepted the award on his behalf. 

2018 Community Builder of the Year Award

Presented to Peter Steen as the unsung hero of winter in the Annex. He does his work in the dark of the night when he builds and cleans the beautiful ice rink in Sibelius Park. 

2017 First Community Builder of the Year Award

Presented to Chris Wright for her outstanding work with Syrian Refugees. The award was accepted by Libbie Mills on her behalf.